Auto Garage & Service Station

The LEGO® AUTO GARAGE MOC, designed nice and large to fit multiple cars
and a host of details and play accessories.

Designed with easy access and playability in mind the single level Auto Garage is built
on an X-Large 42x42 stud baseplate so that the kids could have lots of space to play all day.

Here's a summary of design & play features:
• 2 Exterior Retro Gas pumps with removable nozzles •
• Front Facade with ground to ceiling windows making it easy to look in •
• 2 Up & Over Garage Doors (Technics for mechanism) •
• 2 Repair Stations with Car Lift and full work station accessories and spare tires •
• Service Counter •
• Washroom •
• Waiting Area •
• Removable Roof with Skylight (to get more light in) •

One of the toughest part about this MOC were the up & over Garage Door mechanism, 
this was achieved using various Technic parts and beams to build the frame.

To make this whole MOC come together we utilized bits of accessories, vehicles, stickers 
and build techniques from various official LEGO. See if you can spot them.


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