Custom LEGO Victoria House MOC
that Opens to Reveal Detailed Interior

Introducing our blue LEGO Victorian House Modular.
Inspired by the holidays with the nephews and nieces
I wanted to build something that both the boys & girls could enjoy. 

We are all about playability with our MOC's and the LEGO® Victorian House
is centered around play for kids and takes its cues from other great 
LEGO® sets with awesome playability.

Inspiration & Concept

The core inspiration for the Victorian House came from a conversation with my kid
about our next fun MOC. The conversation obviously centered around a cosy home for
minifigures and it HAD to be Blue! being his favorite color and all.

Classic windows details of Victorian Houses

So I did some research and looked at what kind of parts and sets we had available to kick things off.
For one LEGO® has continued to deliver smaller structures in the CREATOR range for kids
since our LEGO® HUB Bike Shop Cafe MOC and I noticed that Medium Blue seemed to
be relatively consistent in some of these sets. Including LEGO® Bike Shop Cafe 30126 other
sets such as the LEGO® Corner Deli 31050, LEGO® Seaside House 7346 are among the
few that feature various amounts of medium blue.

Since I was request to go all-out with blue I additionally noticed that the
LEGO® Apple Tree House 5891 included a good amount of Earth Blue Roof bricks,
it even included the corner/valley slopes bricks which contributed to the overall design style.

The distinct high pitched, gabled roof and windows of the LEGO® Victorian House

We did have some of the above mentioned sets in our collection so it was the right time to
repurpose them, that being said whatever sets we had available were obviously not enough
to complete the build so we sourced various used bricks locally and new parts
from BrickLink. Especially the earth blue corner bricks used for the roof corners.

Front Porch of the LEGO® Victorian House with it's patio swing

Concept to Design

With the factors of preferred color and inspiration parts in place I decided to look into architectural
style options and as I'm a fan of classic architecture I thought something distinct with unique
architectural features would give it great character. I shared examples of styles with my kid and he
seemed to like the traditional Victorian style vs modern contemporary style (I think he just liked the
sound of the word Victorian).

One of the key features about Victorian Houses are Front Porches/Patios, Ornate Windows, Bay
Windows, High Pitched Roofs and most distinctively their Gabled Roofs. Naturally we love adding
lots of windows in our MOC's so the sides and back of the house features various big and
small windows panels.
Victorian Houses usually have cellars/basements for coal storage along with chimneys & fireplaces
due to their origins, so to manage the complexity of the MOC we excluded a cellar and included a
towering chimney on the left side which gave was critical to the main highlight of this MOC
and it's playability.


The open play feature of the LEGO® Victorian House MOC

Play & Interior Features

I wanted the Victorian House to offer hours of playability for the kids so I decided to work
into the design a key feature; an open play house approach.

Now we love the usual removable roof and floor approach of standard LEGO® Modulars
but LEGO® in the past have only released few full size modulars that have this openable feature
the 10228 has been retired for a while now and if you could find one it'll probably have
a crazy price tag. 

That being said I want playability so this openable feature had to be built it. Coincidentally
LEGO® Apple Tree House 5891 was the only CREATOR set that included
two green 16x32 baseplates, this gave the perfect foundation to offer this feature yet still keeping
it to the official 32x32 baseplate Modular footprint.

Easy access to all the fun that LEGO® Victorian House has to offer
As you split the house open you get greeted with all the interior fun and finishings.
The interior floors a fully tiled and rendered in dark tan and include lots of small furniture builds.

Various Furniture items found in the LEGO® Victorian House
Here's a breakdown of the areas. Starting with the ground level the Entrance Foyer with side tables,
a table lamp, printed details and a wall clock.

Entrance & Foyer
As you move across the the right you'll be greeted with a fireplace and a cosy reclinable lazy boy.
Behind this fireplace features a study area with table and space to store a camera, binoculars
and a radio.

Fireplace, Kitchen & Dining
Separate by the stairway you have the kitchen area with dinning table and chairs,
a full size fridge (popsicle & fruits included), a dishwasher, sink, cabinetry and stove.

Lounge Room & Bedroom of the Upper Floor

As you head up the stairs to the upper floor you'll get to the the lounge area with coffee table
and the bedroom to the right. The lounge area is how one accesses the Attic, more on that later.

Extended Lounge Area and Bedroom with Vanity Table
As you move back to the left side you get the remaining portion of the lounge area with bookshelf and lamp along with the bay window seats and the vanity table for the bedroom (need them hair care products)

As mentioned for access the attic one will just need to pull the folding ladder down and
you're on your way.

Folding Ladder in Action

Head on up
The Attic is full of surprises and is so far the highlight for the kids.
Inside, one will find containers, chests & boxes all filled with small items.

Main interior of the Attic

This gave the kids opportunity to place all the little items they love and in addition to all that the
attic includes a friendly spider and nook for a resident mouse.

Other side of Attic with resident mouse



Overall I really enjoyed the entire design process of the LEGO® Victorian House with my kid and
he really kept me going on this MOC. Figuring out the opening and closing system of the MOC
was challenging but it paid off because of the extreme ease in playability of the MOC.

LEGO® Victorian Mouse MOC Interior

The LEGO® Victorian House sits well with other official modulars and because of its
streamlined size it fits well into our current storage as well. 

LEGO® Victorian Mouse MOC Exterior

This MOC is no doubt going to be sitting on the lower storage shelves for a while so the kids can
pull it out anytime they want. (Which I'm sure they will.)

LEGO® Victorian House Modular

Hope everyone enjoyed our LEGO® Victorian House MOC


  1. Looooovvve it!! Is there any chance of a plan coming for it? I totally agree with the fold out design playability, but can't afford the 'monster mansion'. I'm new to moc's so I need help with actually planning (feeling a little like Emmet). But I'm working on it 😜

  2. Really look forward to the instructions for this one being published?


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