Classic Grand Hotel Modular

Here's an MOC that we've had in our work-in-progress shelf for some time now; 
originally designed to be a Grand Hotel the MOC started out as an exploration 
(an exploration that began before the development of our Victorian House) to 
test various types of classic style exterior features and builds.

The Classic Style Hotel MOC features a Working Elevator, Large Lobby Area, 
entrance facade with glass awning, 2 Rooms, 
Top floor Restaurant with removable Skylight Roofs.

Built on a 32x32 baseplate the Hotel MOC features
standard connector pins to fit other modulars and is stands larger than the official 
LEGO Grand Emporium 10211 and Parisian Restaurant 10234. (as demo-ed in our video)

Unfortunately the MOC still needs some major interior work
so we're not sure if this MOC will ever be finished. 
Nonetheless we thought we share it our viewers
so thoughts and comments are welcomed.

Hope everyone enjoys it and
find some inspiration for their next build.


  1. please let me know how to own this set. please email me.


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