LEGO 75172 Star Wars: Rogue One Y-Wing Starfighter Speed Build [4K]

The classic BTL-A4 Y-Wing is one of our favorite starfighters in the Star Wars universe.
Considered as the workhorses of the Rebel fleet the Y-Wing may be flawed but iconic.

For more information and history about the Y-Wing head to Star Wars Wiki.

As a fan of the Y-Wing it was great to see a newly released Y-Wing Starfighter from
the recent Star Wars: Rogue One movie.
We've had about 4 versions of the Y-Wing from LEGO.

1999 - LEGO 7150 409pcs

2004 - LEGO 10134 UCS 1473pcs

2007 - LEGO 7658 454pcs

2011  - LEGO 9495 458pcs

Excluding the UCS this latest LEGO 75172 Y-Wing Starfighter has the most amount
of pieces of 691 compared to previous sets; this is partly due to the additional
Weapons Loader one gets in this release.

Overall detailing and greebling has been improved and the play features are nice,
we love the Y-Wing so much we actually bricklinked a UCS 10134 Y-Wing
(with some modifications) which we feature in our video for size comparison sake.

LEGO 75172 Y-Wing Starfighter
691 Pieces


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