LEGO 10134 UCS Y-Wing Attack Starfighter [4K]

Here's a closer look at our bricklinked 10134 UCS Y-Wing Attack Starfighter we built.
It took a couple of months of actual building (and close to another 2 months of
waiting for ordered parts). Some parts were hard to find and expensive so to
manage cost and sanity with alternative colors. 

Here are some examples of the changes/MODS:
The original 10134 utilized large White 70x28 Wheels (#32077) as rear disk vectrals
and White Hoses, Ribbed 7mm D. 2L(#78c02) and Technic Connectors
for the frame of the engines so worked with silver and light gray. 

 The original design of the set did not include landing gears
so we decided to implement some (@2:17) with a combination of
short technic beams and dark gray Helicopter Landing Ski(#15540) from set 60034.
Turned out well because the Y-Wing is a large and long ship and it's
always great to see it hovering of the ground in it's landed position. 

Overall while there were some slight color variances from the original 10134
we really enjoyed building and have this set on display, as mentioned the Y-Wing
is one of our all time favorite Star Wars Starfighters and it's really
an iconic and majestic ship. 

 While this UCS Y-Wing looks great on it's stand and flight position
we do have an idea of building a portion of a hanger and enclosing it with
an acrylic case, or maybe even framing it up again the
wall against a black background frame.
Hmmm maybe.

Some readers have asked for details and parts used for the Landing Gear addition so here it is.


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